Jet Set Willy - Willy Works : Early Screenshots

Hanging Gardens Vestibule Lindebrock's Passage
Behind the Factory Financial Irregularities Chim Chim Cheree

Brief synopsis: Following his run in with the taxman, Willy has invested his last remaining funds in a huge factory in the hopes that he can make a comfortable living. Unfortunately, as soon as the contracts were signed and the money changed hands the previous owners did a moonlight flit, leaving the factory in a somewhat less than attractive state with various vital pieces of equipment scattered around the place. In order to meet health and safety regulations, Willy must collect all the lost items and present them to the safety inspector before the factory can open for business.

He'd better also watch out for the disgruntled employees, angered at years of underpaid work in poor conditions as well as the seemingly psychotic robotic automatons doing God only knows what around the place. And to make matters worse, some idiot seems to be firing arrows through the windows!

Can Willy get the factory up to scratch? Only you can help him.